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Post Op

June 27, 2011

I’m still in recovery mode now.  Currently, Philip and I are in our separate beds in the hotel trying to find something interesting on tv.  There’s still some pain and some nausea, but at this moment, I’m feeling pretty good.  Last night was rough.  I woke up in the middle of the night feeling pretty awful, and I guess getting out of bed was a little too much for me.  God bless Philip for being such an amazing caretaker.  All it takes from me is a pathetic “Hey…baby?” and he’s out of bed in a flash asking me what I need and grabbing a trashcan and a cold washcloth for my face.  I’m not really sure what I’d do without him, but I’m glad I don’t have to know.

I got to meet my recipient which was a pretty amazing experience.  She had a lot of visitors which was slightly overwhelming to Philip and I who have only been with each other in this whole process.  I came and they immediately gave me some gifts and some cards.  It was wonderful.  I still don’t feel deserving, but I definitely appreciate all the kindness coming my way.

Hopefully she’ll be released today and continue to feel better and my kidney will be as good to her as its been to me for the last 25 years!



June 25, 2011

The day before my surgery, I was scheduled to work.  We had our annual, MANDATORY training day.  I got up at 6 to shower and get ready, give the house one more look over to make sure I’d packed all I would need, feed the cats, rearrange things, etc.  Philip drove me to work and went straight to the airport because we were having some issues with our tickets.  Needless to say, we did ultimately get our tickets, but I was so worried that I hardly slept the night before.  I also woke up feeling like I might get sick in the middle of the night.  So, very little sleep was had the night before.  Philip picked me up after work and we went to the airport.  We got in at our hotel around 12:30 that night and had to be at the hospital at 5:30 the next morning.

We checked in and after a short wait, we headed up to my surgery prep room and Philip waited in the family waiting room.  I got my gown on, had my vitals taken, and had the most PAINFUL IV placed.  Before I knew it, I was meeting all kinds of nurses and doctors and thankfully Philip was allowed in the room with me.  Finally, they took me down to surgery.  All I remember is lying on the OR table and telling the nurse that it didn’t look like Grey’s Anatomy.  Next thing I remember is someone waking me up.  My eyes were swollen from all the fluids and I was really nauseous.  Thankfully I eventually got to the point where I could be in my room with Philip.  I slept A LOT.

The first night was frustrating.  We had nurses telling us conflicting things and we both just wanted to go to bed.  One minute we had to stay awake because they wanted me to try moving, the next minute,  I had to drink a glass of Sprite, then take something…It was just a problem with lack of communication between staff members and also from the staff to Philip and me.  But, ultimately, we did get off to sleep.

In the middle of the night, my IV beeped because it was empty, so I’m paging the nurse and I look over and my sweet fiance is staring at his phone saying “I’m so sorry, baby, I’m so sorry!”  I finally say “What are you doing?”  To which he replies “I can’t figure out how to turn my alarm off!”  Yes, he was in desperate need of sleep as well.

The day after my surgery was rough.  The doctors told me it would be the worst, but they had me wake up and walk around and finally made it possible for me to use the restroom.  Yesterday was when I learned that my sister had outed me on Twitter as the donor for one of her friends.

The basic gist of the story is:  My sister follows the blog of another 3 day walker.  This blogger wrote a post about a friend who needed a kidney.  Both my sister and I had the right blood type, so we got tested.  I was found to be a match before my sister, and the rest is history.  On the morning of my surgery, Philip was holding my bag which happens to be a 3day bag.  The aforementioned blogger noticed it and put two and two together.  Before I knew it, people in the 3 day community were reading my blog.  I even had a Twitter hashtag.  I’m not really a twitter user, but basically, people were thanking me for donating.

Tears filled my eyes as I read the words of all of these people who knew my recipient and were thanking me.  Somehow in the insanity of travel and tests and everything leading up to this surgery, I forgot a little bit about my recipient (told ya I was selfish!).  And because I don’t know much about her, it all hit me at once.  I still don’t feel like I’ve done anything above and beyond what God’s asked for me to do, but I am thankful that I took this opportunity that God presented me with and made all these people who know my recipient so happy.

While there’s some pain and frustration, I am feeling infinitely better today and more as the time goes on.  No regrets.

PS:  All this kidney talk makes me think of… “Mr. Tribianni, it looks like you have kidney stones.”  “What else could it be?”  “Kidney stones.”  “Or…?”  “Kidney stooooones!”


The Lost Weekend

July 30, 2010

Lorelai:  I thought he was only here for the weekend.

Sookie:  Yes, the Lost Weekend. – 1.19

I’m so excited to watch this movie.  Really.  I don’t know why.  I don’t really know anything about it, but I’m still so excited.  Well, I do love me some Billy Wilder.  Maybe that’s it.

  1. Hello, he’s a writer.  Of course he has a drinking problem.
  2. I love it, it’s like a monster movie, but the alcohol is the monster.  Genius.
  3. $10 can buy 2 bottles of liquor?  And several apples?  And a shot?  Come on now…
  4. When the bartender shakes his head at you, it’s probably too much.
  5. Ha ha, that may have been the first time someone used the word “ridic” instead of ridiculous.  It still sounds stupid.
  6. Ooh, and the bartender is lying for him.  Hello Mr. Enabler.
  7. I’m with ya, Don.  Operas totally make me want to get wasted.
  8. He ended their relationship because she wanted him to meet her parents?  Come on man, fake being nice for a dinner, then they’re gone.
  9. Dude, you’re a writer.  No one’s parents would be thrilled about you dating their daughter.
  10. If I were Helen and drunk Don told me to just turn around and leave him because he’s an awful drunk…I would just turn around.  3 years is a long time to hang around a guy like that.
  11. Here’s what I want to know:  How does a guy that spends pretty much every hour of every day drunk, who doesn’t have a job except for being a frustrated and unpublished writer, have a gorgeous apartment like that?
  12. You do not drink that much alcohol without puking.  Seriously, when is this guy going to throw up?  I throw up after like 3.  He’s had like 30.
  13. Woah woah woah…the guy stands you up, shows up the next day, drunk, and asks for money…and you give it to him?  Stupid Harriet.
  14. Alcoholic ward?  I don’t think that exists…
  15. A male nurse?  Back then?  Awesome!
  16. I wish milk men still existed.  I’d love someone to bring me milk every morning.  I drink a lot of milk.
  17. A hallucination about a bat eating a mouse?  That’s messed up.
  18. Since when is a leopard print coat an even trade for a gun?
  19. Really?  One good speech from Helen and he gives it up?
  20. Augusten Burroughs wrote a book about his alcoholism.  It’s called Dry.  It’s really good.

Yep.  I definitely love old movies.



    July 21, 2010

    Lorelai:  Jump back.

    Rory:  Excuse me?

    Lorelai:  Kevin Bacon.  Footloose, reaction to the no dancing in town rule that is revealed by Chris Penn, brother to Sean, sage to all.

    Rory:  I should’ve known. – 1.17

    Once upon a time I owned this movie.  A friend bought it out of the discount bin for me from Walmart for my 21st birthday.  I will admit that, sadly, I traded this one in at my movie store for something else (and I can’t even remember which one it was!).  But I do love the movie.  Sometimes I’m sad I got rid of it.

    1. That marks the second time I’ve heard Sarah Jessica Parker use the word “diaphragm”.
    2. I would kill my friend if she pulled that stupid stunt of standing in between two cars while they’re moving.
    3. I think they just created Carrie Bradshaw out of SJP’s character in this movie.  “That tie is fabulous, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”
    4. Honestly, what would you do if you found out something like dancing was banned in the town you moved to?  Like, really.  What would you do?
    5. I think it’s so obnoxious when girls call their dads “Daddy”.  I did when I was a kid and when I want something, but not all the time.
    6. So, they won’t dance, but they’ll smoke pot?
    7. Yes!  The angry dancing scene!  I know when I get pissed off, the only thing I want to do is go to an abandoned garage and just dance it out.
    8. Oops, that’s embarrassing, getting caught dancing alone…
    9. I love how their way of describing that it is a progressive town is that they have Family Feud.
    10. Poor SJP.  You should’ve made sure the boy could dance before going to the dance club with him.
    11. I so want those red cowboy boots Ariel is wearing.  Also, red cowboy boots make me think of How I Met Your Mother.  “The Good, The Bad, and The Fabulous.”
    12. Preachers don’t slap their daughters…
    13. Kevin Bacon teaching Chris Penn to dance is the best scene ever.
    14. How do you smack a girl in the face and then stand over her and say “I treated you decent!”?
    15. How is it Ren’s fault that some jerks threw a brick through his cousins’ window?
    16. Nice use of the bible against the preacher.
    17. People burning books makes my heart break in like 10 different ways.
    18. Um…since when do all those boys have motorcycles?
    19. My prom was freaking awesome.  Seriously.  John Mayer played at my prom.  It was amazing.  And yet still, sometimes I wish I could’ve gone to a prom in the 80’s.
    20. How come his future roles did not fully take advantage of Kevin Bacon’s amazing dancing skills?

    This movie is fantastic.  Hands down.


    GI Jane

    July 17, 2010

    “This is like G.I. Jane, but we get to keep our hair.” – 1.17

    I have absolutely no interest in watching this movie.  I don’t particularly care for military movies.  I don’t really like Demi Moore that much.  However, I do like the whole female empowerment thing.  So, maybe it’ll surprise me.

    1. I couldn’t figure out why I thought that Theodore Hayes looked so familiar to me.  It’s because he was Commandant Spangler in Malcolm in the Middle.  I used to LOVE Malcolm in the Middle.
    2. I love how the bubble bath with the candles and champagne comes across as just a normal evening for these 2.  Just chatting about their work days, rubbing each other’s feet and drinking champagne in the bath…
    3. Viggo Mortenson is a creeper.
    4. Why would anyone choose to do this?  Getting screamed at all day, working so hard you throw up…It doesn’t make sense to me.
    5. Ew, eating the food they had thrown in the trash at lunch for dinner?  No, I definitely don’t get it.
    6. Well, that’s not safe.  What if someone dies during training?
    7. I don’t think going bald is going to make any difference in how they treat you, Demi.
    8. I don’t understand making fun of her for having tampons.  Would you rather she not use them?  Because I feel like that’d be more annoying to deal with.
    9. I will give Demi some credit for a kick ass body in this movie.
    10. She’s been through 8 weeks of this?  Seriously?  I would’ve quit a long time ago.
    11. Throwing bags over their heads and dragging them away is a part of training?
    12. Seriously…no one is forcing these people to do this.  Being tortured and hurt pretty seriously.  By choice.  This makes no sense to me.
    13. At some point, there needs to be a survival instinct for these people.  Some guy is beating the hell out of you.  You get the chance to get away and you beat him up instead?  Why not just run away from him so he can’t beat you up any more.
    14. So, they have no problem with a woman in the navy (“no problem” being used loosely), but if she’s a lesbian then that’s a BIG problem.  For real?
    15. After all she went through, she’s out because someone has alleged that she’s a lesbian?  This is ridiculous.
    16. Shockingly, the woman we thought would be a good female force in the movie, ends up being the one who says things like “America’s not ready to put its daughters and young mothers in harm’s way.”
    17. I used to tell people I was going to join the army when I was in high school.  That’s because I’m like 5’2 and people give me crap about being small and weak.  I never would have actually joined.  After this, I really would’ve never joined.  And furthermore, I may be small, but I’m not weak.  I walked 60 miles in three days and was in the beginning of the pack for most of it.  Not everyone can do that.
    18. This camera work is making me nauseous.
    19. This is why I could never be in any armed forces.  It all just looks like a game to me that just got out of hand.
    20. Don’t cry, Demi!  Be a man!

    Well, I’ll admit it.  By the end, I was invested in it.  And Demi is pretty bad ass in it.  I still don’t understand anyone’s desire to do that to themselves, but everyone’s got their own thing, I guess.  If you like action movies and you’re a girl, you’ll probably like this.  Come to think of it, one of my college roommates would probably love this movie.


      A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving

      May 23, 2010
      Rory:  How do you feel?
      Lorelai:  I ate tofurkey, how do you think I feel?
      Rory:  Tofurkier?
      I decided that I’m gonna break up the movie blogs because, really some of these movies need a break.  I’ve decided to start watching and writing about my very favorite episodes of Gilmore Girls.  Maybe that’s crazy, but you’re the one reading.
      My favorite episode, at least right now, is a Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving.  I love all the eating and the classic Mrs. Kim lines and drunk Sookie…I just love it all.
      Things to mention:
      1. I can’t wait to watch Grey Gardens.
      2. I hop between Michel and Babette as my favorite Stars Hollow characters.  Michel steps it up with “Oh this can only be good.”
      3. I should’ve named my cat Kirk.
      4. Those 3-D chips are in Luke’s.  Remember those?  What happened to the public’s desire to eat 3 dimensional chips?  As opposed to all the 2 dimensional chips.
      5. Ugh.  I really don’t like Jess.
      6. I actually used that “Hey I’m Frank at the Sands” line once to my sister.  But she doesn’t watch Gilmore Girls, so she just thought I was crazy.
      7. “Here’s hoping your cat exposes itself to you soon.”
      8. Really.  How does one break up with Dean for Jess?  Really?  He’s so good looking and sweet and tall, and he’d never crash her car.  Crazy Rory.
      9. Aw, I miss Dave Rigalski.  Stupid OC.
      10. I just like hearing Mrs. Kim say “tofurkey.”
      11. I would totally eat a deep fried turkey.
      12. My cats are definitely afraid of water.  Cat Kirk is crazy.
      13. I shouldn’t have watched this episode on an empty stomach.
      14. You know why it was a lame-o kiss?  Because Jess was a bad choice.
      15. I used to want to be one of the piano players at Nordstrom’s.  I used to sit and watch them while my mom shopped.  I could’ve been Brad.
      16. I totally didn’t stress myself out over college.  I applied to one school early, got in, and was done.  November 1st of my senior year, done.
      17. Classy touch, Dave.  “This bible belongs to God, but is being used by Dave Rigalski.”  Very classy.
      18. I want to get drunk with Sookie.
      19. Ooh, I love angry Dean.
      20. Poor Kirk.
      Awesome episode.  One of the best.  “Lots of tofurkey!”

      2001: A Space Odyssey

      May 23, 2010

      “Holy mother, this is the monolith from 2001!” – 1.15

      So, my brother-in-law told me that this movie makes you feel a little bit like you’re on drugs.  We shall see, Jarrod, we shall see.
      Now some things to mention:

      1. Really?  Random noises last for how long in the beginning of this movie?  I want to fast forward it, but like Lorelai says, it ruins the flow of the movie.  Though, I don’t think fast forwarding this is anywhere on par with fast forwarding through Casablanca.
      2. How can it be the Dawn of Man if there are already human bones on the ground?  Some men are already dead, that’s not dawning.
      3. I’m losing interest in all the monkeys.
      4. I don’t feel like I’m on drugs, but I feel like maybe I should be.
      5. Aw, my parents used to call me squirt when I was little.
      6. Those hats on those flight attendants…wow.  I’d like to think there was better fashion in 2001.
      7. There’s a lot of rules for the No Gravity Toilet.  I feel like that would convince me to just hold it until we got to our destination.  Plus, you should always go before you leave the house.
      8. There’s a great lack of dialogue in this movie.
      9. I really don’t have any idea what’s going on in this movie.
      10. Oh man.  Trusting a computer that much is never a good sign.
      11. I don’t care how much they paid me, I would never agree to live in space during my birthday.
      12. Oh yeah, that robot is gonna kill someone.
      13. You want to know why there hasn’t been any computer error with the 9000 series?  Because the computers KILL people!
      14. Intermission?!
      15. When I was little, I had this crazy fear about being shot off into space and not really falling, but not landing anywhere, just floating in space forever until I ran out of air and died.  This movie is reviving that fear.
      16. Yeah Dave, kill that robot.
      17. So he just keeps seeing himself get older and older?  What?
      18. And now he’s a fetus…
      19. THAT’S IT?!?!?!?!?!
      20. WHAT IS THIS MOVIE?!?!?!?!?!?!?
      So, I just pulled out a book I own called 501 Must See Movies, because I knew this one was in there and couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out why it was on that list.  Thankfully, while it did praise the movie, it also said “Although the film can initially seem frustratingly ambiguous, repeated viewings do start to reveal the vernacular of its message…”  While I have NO intention of sitting through this time waster ever again, I’m glad to know it’s not just me.  Needless to say, not one of my favorites.