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Funny Girl

January 22, 2011

Sookie:  You’re gonna be a Sadie!

Lorelai:  A what?

Sookie:  Sadie, Sadie, married lady!  Meet a mortgagee!

Lorelai:  Funny Girl!

Sookie:  Streisand! – 2.1


This is one of my absolute favorite movies of all time.  I love Barbara in it, I love the songs, I just love everything about it.  And it’s one of the few movies on this list that I actually own, which is nice.  If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.  It’s a perfect Friday night, order a pizza, wear your jammies kind of movie.  Which is exactly what I’m doing while watching it.

Now some things to mention:

  1. Any movie that has the first line “Hello, gorgeous,” is ok in my book.
  2. Barbara Streisand was really pretty in her day.
  3. I miss the days when the requirements to be a famous actor included having talent.  I mean, I don’t know that I was alive when that was the case, but I like the movies from that time.
  4. Usually when I meet an attractive man, I sing his name in my head…or not.
  5. Polish on his fingernails?  Gross.
  6. Fanny was right to make the bride number funny.  The lyrics are stupid.
  7. Do some guys get a booklet about things to say to give a girl butterflies?  I mean, some guys can’t do it, but some guys, it’s like they just know.  Nick Arnstein got the booklet.
  8. A man saying he doesn’t make definite plans because they make him feel tied down is a HUGE red flag.
  9. Yes, I would agree that “You are woman, I am man, let’s kiss” is a very direct approach.
  10. Oh that purple dress.  I have dreams about Barbara’s gorgeous wardrobe in this movie.
  11. Yes, I’m a feminist and I don’t think any woman should throw her career away for a man, but I do love Don’t Rain On My Parade.
  12. I don’t know that I would want to marry a man who would only propose if he won a poker game.  Sorry Nick.
  13. I kinda wish Fanny had married the piano player.
  14. I love the Swan Lake number.  I don’t know that there’s many actresses out there now who would make themselves look as silly as Barbara does.
  15. Geez, Nick.  Get a real job.  Stop gambling and expecting to survive off of it.
  16. Is it so horrible for a man to be supported by a woman?  I mean, she’s a successful actress, is that so wrong?
  17. This is why husbands should talk to their wives.  So they don’t do stupid stuff and go to jail.
  18. You should’ve married the piano player…he never went to jail.
  19. Quit the theatre?  He went to jail, he doesn’t get to tell you to quit the theatre.
  20. Good job, Barbara.

Ordinarily, women who are so crazy, stupid in love with their husbands make me nuts.  Not the being in love part, but the “can’t possibly survive without him” part.  And, yeah, Fanny’s desperation to marry Nick and her blind devotion to him does kind of make me nuts.  But in her character, I just see it as immaturity, not lack of independence.  He’s her first love and she’s crazy about him.  She doesn’t want to believe anything bad about him.  But I think she does wise up and realize that while she loves him, she can get by without him if necessary.  She’s amazing in her career and she supports him while knowing she can support herself.  And, the ending pretty much redeems her in my eyes as a strong, independent woman.



Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

November 24, 2010

“Hey, it’s not like the lumberjack look will ever go out; it won’t.  But just once, wouldn’t it be nice not to be dressed like an extra in ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers?'” – 1.20

I love musicals.  I’m excited about this one, even though I’m pretty sure it’s going to be one of those lame musicals that they make kids in high school do because it’s the most wholesome choice.  But it takes place in Oregon and I used to live there, so it’s all good.

  1. I really hope this is one of those movies where the male chauvinist lead meets a tough woman who shows him women can think for themselves…
  2. Oh look, a woman who chops wood and milks cows and jokes around with the men…just what I was looking for.
  3. You might want to tell your bride that she’s not only going to be taking care of you, but also your 6 brothers…it might change things.
  4. That’s a lot of red-headed men in one room.
  5. A man wants a wife who can work alongside him?  That’s what they want?  All this time…I never knew.
  6. So apparently all you have to do to make rowdy men behave is make them eat breakfast in the nude.  Good to know.
  7. Do NOT call a woman “my pet.”  Don’t listen to Millie, boys.  That will get you slapped.
  8. So…where’s Adam during all this?  Millie’s spending all her time with his brothers…That could be trouble.
  9. I think I would dance more if they were all choreographed like waltzes.  I can dance if someone tells me exactly how to.  Plus, back then, the girls didn’t have to do much.
  10. Aw, I want to win the little cow.
  11. Wow, those guys are really mean.  Throwing hammers, hitting them with 2 by 4’s…
  12. It’s one thing not to start fights, but if a guy threw a hammer in my face, I’d probably throw a punch or two.  Although I probably wouldn’t fight so much that I would destroy a barn.
  13. “One woman’s pretty much like the next.”  Wow.  Millie is seriously regretting marrying him.
  14. There’s gotta be more stuff to do in the wilderness than just chop wood.
  15. Is he telling them to kidnap women?
  16. Yep.  He’s telling them to kidnap women.
  17. Well, lock 7 women alone in a house for months…there’s gonna be a cat fight.
  18. I’m really glad I never had such high hopes for what happens after you get married.  That’s just a major letdown.
  19. Adam’s kind of a d-bag.  Being upset about her having a girl instead of a boy?  Wow.
  20. Have any of these people ever heard of Stockholm’s Syndrome?

Well, that was silly.  But I do love musicals.


Out Of Africa

October 27, 2010

Okay, last week we were talking about Meryl Streep and the whole accent thing and Rachel said that she loved “Out of Africa” but she’d never read the book, remember?” -1.20

I don’t really have high hopes about this one.  I just don’t think it’s going to be very good and nothing about it interests me.  So…we’ll see.

Now some things to mention:

  1. Meryl Streep, I love you, but the Danish accent is boring and lame.
  2. Punishment for not being married?  Really?
  3. I don’t really plan on having a wedding, but if I do, there should totally be bagpipes there.  Maybe I could get Ross Gellar to play Celebration.
  4. I love that giant dog she has.  Though with my luck with the movies I’ve been watching, the dog will probably die.
  5. That’s what happens when you get married, Karen, you can’t be with the attractive men.
  6. I like what she says about how when men are tested, they are tested for courage and when women are tested they are tested for patience.
  7. Aw, the little boys waiting for the cuckoo clock to go off is cute.
  8. Hell no, no one’s telling me to move into town for my own protection.  I can protect myself, thank you very much.
  9. Stop hitting the cows, they’re going as fast as they can!
  10. WHAT?!  She got syphilis?!  What?!  No one’s immune, friends.  Wear condoms.  And get tested every 6 months if changing partners, every year if monogamous.  Just a little public service announcement from me to you.
  11. She didn’t get to take her dog with her back to Denmark?  Lame.
  12. Ladies, when a man gives you syphilis, please do not go back to him.  Thanks.
  13. Meryl Streep looks like a living Victorian painting in this movie.
  14. I feel like your husband moving out is a perfect reason to accept a gift from Robert Redford.
  15. Hairwashing is weird…
  16. “So let’s lie down and get on with it,”  Great pick up line.
  17. Holy crap, they just shot a couple of lions.  That was like a video game.
  18. Poor Barkley.
  19. Really?  The baron comes back for money?
  20. I think that my version of love is very close with Robert Redford’s.  You shouldn’t NEED someone.

Ok, so I may have stopped paying attention while watching this and started making a mix for an upcoming roadtrip.  Sue me.  It’s a crazy long movie.



August 23, 2010

“I have to change and go to tea with Gran and the cast of Gaslight.” – 1.18

I know, I’m awful.  I haven’t posted in forever.  But I’m a busy girl.  I’ve had friends visiting, and now I have a temporary roommate, and those are all lame excuses for the fact that I just haven’t felt like it.  Sorry.

I don’t know anything about Gaslight, but they do quote it a few times in the show.  And Ingrid Bergman is sensational, so I’m not worried.

Things to mention:

  1. That is not how my voice lessons went.  She kind of asked me what I wanted to sing, and then we sang it.  Voice lessons were awesome.
  2. Well, obviously being in love makes women silly and not care about anything else but the man they’re in love with…
  3. Sigh, the 40’s had such great style.
  4. Um, I’d be afraid to marry a guy I hardly know.  And he’s kinda slimy looking.
  5. Bloodthirsty Bessie.  That’s a cute nickname.  Here, have a cookie…Crazy lady.
  6. I’m 99.99999% sure this slimy guy is the one who killed her aunt.
  7. I love how feminine and delicate it was for women to feel ill.  Now it’s just pushing through it and going to work sick.
  8. Woah.  Angela Lansbury is in this?!  And Jedidiah from Citizen Kane?!  Awesome!
  9. Dude, don’t mess with a girl’s sanity.  All you end up with is a crazy chick.
  10. Jedidiah guy is a babe.  Although I have no idea what his name is in this movie.  But he died in ’94 at the ripe old age of 89.  So I guess it doesn’t matter.
  11. Stop hitting on the maid in front of your wife, creep.
  12. “Oh, hey, thanks for letting me leave the house for once in my life.  I guess I’ll make out with you now as a thank you.”  The feminist in me is dying a little bit.
  13. Angela Lansbury’s a ho-bag!
  14. I want Jedidiah to rescue her from her crazy husband.
  15. Holy gorgeous dress, Ingrid Berman!
  16. Jedidiah, what are you waiting for?!
  17. Well, obviously your husband is a d-bag and is messing with your head.  You didn’t really need Jedidiah to point that one out for you.
  18. How long has this guy been searching the attic?
  19. Save the day, Jedidiah!  Ok, I’m pretty sure his name is Brian in this…Save the day, Brian!
  20. Yes!  Turn it around on him, Paula!  Do it!  The man made you think you were crazy!  He deserves way worse than being tied to a chair.

That was very good.  A little nuts, but good.  And I’m glad Bloodthirsy Bessie got the last word.  She stole the show.



August 1, 2010

“We can sing the Money song from Cabaret.  You be Liza, I’ll be Joel.” – 1.18

I’m kind of excited for this.  I do love musicals.  I saw Cabaret when my college did it, but I’ve never seen the movie.  And the last time I saw Liza Minnelli was in Sex and the City 2, so I’m hoping this will redeem her a little bit.

  1. Wow…Joel was in House M.D.  He played the doctor who just wanted to die.  He’s really old now.
  2. Please, I could be one of those dancers.  They’re not very pretty and not very good dancers.  Oh…never mind.  I’m not that flexible.
  3. Sally Bowles might be one of the worst names for a character.
  4. Interesting…they referenced a movie that Asher Fleming was in…Gilmore Girls, you worlds are colliding…
  5. I think even then, Liza looked weird.  I’d like to think she was just born looking weird, but she probably paid a doctor a whole lot of money to look that weird.
  6. I just don’t understand mud wrestling.  It’s not like you’re watching hot chicks get naked or something.  You’re watching semi attractive girls become even more unattractive as they roll around and throw mud at each other.
  7. She actually just said “Doesn’t my body drive you wild with desire?”
  8. It’s probably not a good sign that right after you kiss a woman, she kisses her dog.
  9. I love Maybe This Time.  What a great song.
  10. There’s a fine line between “pouncing” and rape…thankfully it sounds like Fritz came just shy of rape.
  11. That’s awkward…who walks in on a girl while she’s in bed with her boyfriend and brings her champagne…
  12. Why would you take a man’s girlfriend out all day, buy her all this expensive stuff, and then bring him a gift at the end of the day?  Like…”Thanks for letting me use your woman for the day, here’s a token for your graciousness.”
  13. Michael York is 10 million times more attractive than that stupid Maximilian guy.  For real.
  14. No judgement against Sally.  Sometimes when you’re really broke, the idea of having some ridiculously rich guy take care of you doesn’t seem so crazy…  But if he has that creepy stalker ‘stache like Maximilian, I might pass.
  15. I wonder how actors feel when they play nazis.  Like if they feel dirty putting on the costume.  Then again, actors who play serial killers win awards…
  16. Oh my god!  They killed her dog?!  How come 90% of the movies I’ve watched for this have had a dead animal?
  17. Hey, I know some people who are in the International Conspiracy of Organized Horses’ Asses.
  18. I am going to be singing that “Welkommen, bienvenue, welcome” song ALL day.
  19. If babies solved all the problems, there’d be an even worse population problem than there is.
  20. I think Joel should have a Cabaret spin off.  There’s potential there.

Good story.  Like most time period movies, it makes me sad that I was never good at history and therefore never bothered to learn anything about it when I was in school.  Maybe one of these days I’ll teach myself.


An Affair to Remember

July 11, 2010

One day, one day of pizza and pajamas. I’ll rent ‘Love Story’ and ‘The Champ’, ’An Affair to Remember’, ‘Ishtar’.” – 1.17

If you’re human and have been around for a few years, you’ve probably heard of An Affair to Remember.  However, besides knowing it’s a classic, there’s not much else I know about it.  This is one of those movies I’m glad was referenced because I’ve always wanted to see it, but just never got around to it.

Also…I love Cary Grant.  Who doesn’t?

Now some things to mention:

  1. I love the fast talking in old movies.
  2. That dress is fantastic!  I wish we could wear dresses like that now.  Although, I don’t travel on fancy boats.  Maybe if I did I could wear dresses like that.
  3. Here’s a question…why is he on a boat by himself right before getting married?
  4. Checking a girl out in the chapel…classy.
  5. I love sweet, old grandmothers.
  6. Man, if I could play piano like that at 82, I’d be happy.  If I could play piano like that now I’d be happy.
  7. That’s so cool, you don’t even see their first kiss, you just know it’s happening.
  8. Wow, they were this paranoid back then, can you imagine how they’d be now?  With all the social networks and paparazzi, it’s a miracle anyone has any successful affairs now.
  9. I think this movie makes you not hate them for cheating mainly because you never get to know the people they’re cheating on.
  10. Oh nevermind, there are the innocent victims…
  11. Oh do not tell me she just got hit by a car…
  12. This is heartbreaking, Cary Grant is too attractive to be stood up.  Even if it is because she got hit by a car.
  13. This is the cutest kids’ choir ever.
  14. Just tell him, Terry!  Tell him you didn’t stand him up, you got hit by a car!
  15. This is a very long movie…

Well, I’m glad I finally saw it.  It’s a good movie.  Very long, but it’s not like all the stories with affairs in them nowadays.  There’s no angry, scorned ex lovers.  It reminded me of my love for classic movies.  Not as complicated and drawn out as movies now.  Overall, I liked it.  I’ll watch it again.


Love Story

July 2, 2010

One day, one day of pizza and pajamas. I’ll rent ‘Love Story’ and ‘The Champ’, ’An Affair to Remember’, ‘Ishtar’.” – 1.17

All I know about Love Story is what I saw in Now and Then.  Teeny sits on the roof of her house watching it on the drive in movie screen and says “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”  Seriously, that’s all I know.  I’m pretty sure there’s some kind of tragedy in it.  I tried watching the trailer on the dvd, but that just showed pictures of the couple, no story clues.  So…we’ll see how it goes!

Now some things to mention:

  1. Oh ok, she dies.  They just come right out with it in the beginning…  Well, it’s better than being surprised.
  2. Lesson learned:  If you’re totally obnoxious and rude to a guy, he’ll take you out for coffee and invite you to a hockey game.
  3. Wow, that’s the fastest beginning to a relationship I’ve ever seen.
  4. This whole “poor little rich boy” thing is getting old.
  5. How can they possibly be in love?  They don’t even know each other!
  6. This would be a HORRIBLE movie to watch after your first real break up.  What was Lorelai thinking?
  7. Is she seriously not going to Paris because some preppy, pretty rich boy wants to marry her?  This is so not the movie for a logical cynic like me.  Go after your dreams, Jenny!  You’re obviously going to die young!
  8. Sorry buddy, but a fight with your dad doesn’t mean you’re not related.  Not that simple.
  9. I love Phil’s reaction to the Do It Yourself Wedding.  “Amen.”
  10. Seriously, Jenny and Oliver are pretentious.  Young, immature, pretentious fools in love.
  11. Wow, it must have been really frustrating to try to find someone back before there were cell phones.
  12. I don’t buy the “love means never having to say you’re sorry” thing.  I don’t care how much I love you, when you screw up and are mean to me, you better freaking say you’re sorry.
  13. This movie just got some points because they did “Lo How A Rose Ere Blooming” which is my favorite Christmas carol.
  14. Holy crap, those are some teeny tiny shorts, boys.  Is that really necessary to play racquetball?
  15. What is she dying of?  You can’t just tell a guy his wife is dying without telling him why she is dying.
  16. How long are we going to not tell the wife she’s dying?  And how long are we going to not tell the audience what she’s dying of?
  17. Who goes to an ice rink to sit and watch their husband skate?  Lame…
  18. She’s even pretentious on her deathbed.
  19. I hope I look totally normal and healthy when I’m about to die.
  20. That was kind of anti climactic.
I apologize to anyone who really loves this movie and gets a lot out of it.  But I thought it was pretty lame.  First of all, their relationship was built on staying together even when it meant they both were losing out on incredible experiences.  Yes, love is a great thing.  However, why couldn’t Oliver have just waited until he was out of law school to marry her?  She could have gone to Paris on her scholarship and his dad wouldn’t have cut him off and they could have bypassed all those years of living paycheck to paycheck in a crappy apartment.  They could have stayed together while he was in law school without getting married and both would’ve been able to take advantage of their good opportunities.  I mean, she was going to die at 25 anyway, but at least she would have gone to Paris and he wouldn’t have cut all ties with his father.
Wow, I have never had this much to argue about at the end of a movie.  I promise I’m not some pessimistic anti-romantic, I’m just anti-foolish love for the sake of being foolish.  They still could have been in love and everything but be logical about it.  You can be logical and in love.
But that’s just my opinion.