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January 21, 2011

Sookie:  Michel’s going to live forever.

Lorelai:  Like on Fame?

Sookie:  That’s what I said! – 2.1

This is one of those movies I wish I’d seen but that I never got around too.  I like watching talented people.  Especially dancers, because I can’t dance.  Also, Alan Parker also directed Midnight Express.  Which grossed me out, but was still a good movie.

Now for some things to mention:

  1. Ha ha, that girl just said “Does that hurt, or is that ethnic?” about a girl’s nose ring.  I love it.
  2. Doris Finsecker was in Grease 2.  I just became very interested in this movie.
  3. I don’t know if I could handle all these adolescent drama kids.  It’s like the worst of both worlds.
  4. I wonder how many kids applied to this school after this movie came out…
  5. I love how they think Leroy is so great, but really, he’s just dancing like a stripper.
  6. She just called his boom box a “ghetto blaster”.    I don’t think that would fly today.
  7. My high school was pretty cool.  I mean, John Mayer played at my prom.  But we never had a musical number about our lunch lady during lunch.  That’s pretty awesome.
  8. I wish I hadn’t quit piano.  I played for 8 years and I don’t remember anything.  That’s such a waste.
  9. That’s quite a freak out just because your teacher asked you to read.
  10. I think it’s ridiculous that I’ve sung enough Latin in my life that I understand the words when people sing in Latin.
  11. I like what Martelli says about how if Mozart was around he wouldn’t be doing music the way he did then.  He’d use the electronic stuff to make more different sounds.
  12. The whole dancing to Fame in the streets scene kind of came out of nowhere…
  13. “Never being happy isn’t the same as being unhappy.”  I like that.
  14. I just realized who the teacher is!  She’s Steve Brady’s mother from Sex and The City!  I love it!
  15. I wish I spoke Spanish so I knew what happened to that poor little girl that Ralph lives with.
  16. She got beaten up by a junkie?!  She’s 5 years old!
  17. I would love to go to a screening of Rocky Horror like that.
  18. Poor Montgomery…all by himself.
  19. Oh Coco, do not trust the dirty guy in the coffee shop asking you to do a screen test.
  20. Kind of an anticlimactic ending…

It was good and interesting, but seriously?  What happened to all the kids?  Did Ralph and Doris ever make up?  What happened with Coco and that pervy guy?  Did the rich white ballerina get the abortion?  Did Leroy ever learn to read?  Did Mrs. Sherwood’s husband die?  These are important questions that will keep me up at night.  Ok, probably not.