Big News!

June 11, 2011

First of all, I would like to apologize to anyone who might read this blog and doesn’t know me, because you probably don’t care much about my personal life.  But I’ve got a pretty strong feeling that of the maybe 4 readers I have, there’s a small percentage of you who don’t know me, so just skip this part.

Secondly, I’m engaged!  On Sunday, I went out to dinner with a wonderful friend of mine, and we came back to my place to hang out play with my cats.  She says “I have a cd for you to listen to, let me get it out of my car.”  She comes back in, and we put it in, and because I was completely in denial, I didn’t realize it was my boyfriend singing a song he had written for me (after all, he lives in OK, how could my friend possibly have gotten a cd from him?)  The very last line of the song was “Will you marry me?” and instead of recording that on to the cd, he came through my front door and sang it in person with ring in hand.  Yes, feel free to make gagging noises.

Being newly engaged has been a wonderful distraction from the fact that I am donating my kidney in a week and a half.  I just bought our plane tickets for the week of the surgery and that was hard.  I am excited about this experience and I really feel as though I am doing the right thing, but it’s getting closer and I’m getting nervous.  Plus, my ring is getting resized so I don’t even have that to distract me from my nervousness :-p

Tuesday is my pre-op appointment so I am confident that will answer some questions and also leave me with some new ones.  And you will all get to be a part of that.  (All 4 of you.)



  1. awww! Congratulations!
    I hope your pre-op went well yesterday, and good luck for your operation!

  2. congratulations =)
    you´re a nice couple 🙂
    and all the best for your op!

    All the best from germany =)

    (oh, and i think you have 5 regular readers 😉 )

  3. You have more fans than you think you do! I for one have never commented before but follow your blog religiously. Best of luck with the surgery, many people will be thinking of you! And just think of all the great movies you can watch post-op! Congrats on the engagement!!

  4. I’ve only just discovered you but am already fascinated – Good Luck.

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