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Queen of Outer Space

August 28, 2010

Lorelai and Rory see this movie in town. – 1.19

I’m psyched for this one.  It looks like a great ‘50’s flick.  I mean, Zsa Zsa Gabor is in it.  What could be better?  Besides an alien queen trying to wipe out all of earth’s men?
  1. I would like to think I’m better than this…but there’s something sexy about astronauts.
  2. This is the longest spaceship take off scene EVER.
  3. Yep…Still taking off.
  4. That alien space ray kinda looks like Casper the Friendly Ghost is flying by.
  5. These graphics are fantastic.
  6. I love it!  The title sequence just came on.
  7. I predict that they’ve been transported to the Land of the Lost.
  8. Venus?!  Really?  Venus has the same atmosphere and gravity as earth?  That’s a stretch, my astronaut friends.
  9. I’m glad women on Venus speak English.  Otherwise this would be very confusing.
  10. Oh man, a woman driver joke.  While you’re being held captive by a planet of woman.  That’s smart.
  11. Wow Zsa Zsa.  I still can’t understand you, but you were gorgeous in your day.
  12. That’s it.  Flirt with the evil alien queen.  That’ll fix everything.  The earth hangs in the balance and all we have to save us is the Captain’s sex appeal.
  13. I’m pretty sure Queen Yllana didn’t wipe out all the men on her planet because she could be easily manipulated by an attractive man flirting with her.
  14. Ew.  It’s like when the phantom of the opera took off his mask.  Gross.
  15. They’re being hunted and potentially killed once they’re found.  And they’re all starting new relationships with Venus women.  Classy, boys.  Classy.
  16. Ew!  Giant spider…
  17. Poor professor.  No Venus ladies love him.
  18. She actually just said “Women can’t be happy without men.”
  19. Rookie mistake.  When you’ve caught the bad guy, don’t give them a chance to explain.  Just kill them.
  20. The best part of that ending is that the professor turned out to be the playboy of Venus.
I recommend this movie.  It’s funny and very ‘50’s.  I really liked it.


August 23, 2010

“I have to change and go to tea with Gran and the cast of Gaslight.” – 1.18

I know, I’m awful.  I haven’t posted in forever.  But I’m a busy girl.  I’ve had friends visiting, and now I have a temporary roommate, and those are all lame excuses for the fact that I just haven’t felt like it.  Sorry.

I don’t know anything about Gaslight, but they do quote it a few times in the show.  And Ingrid Bergman is sensational, so I’m not worried.

Things to mention:

  1. That is not how my voice lessons went.  She kind of asked me what I wanted to sing, and then we sang it.  Voice lessons were awesome.
  2. Well, obviously being in love makes women silly and not care about anything else but the man they’re in love with…
  3. Sigh, the 40’s had such great style.
  4. Um, I’d be afraid to marry a guy I hardly know.  And he’s kinda slimy looking.
  5. Bloodthirsty Bessie.  That’s a cute nickname.  Here, have a cookie…Crazy lady.
  6. I’m 99.99999% sure this slimy guy is the one who killed her aunt.
  7. I love how feminine and delicate it was for women to feel ill.  Now it’s just pushing through it and going to work sick.
  8. Woah.  Angela Lansbury is in this?!  And Jedidiah from Citizen Kane?!  Awesome!
  9. Dude, don’t mess with a girl’s sanity.  All you end up with is a crazy chick.
  10. Jedidiah guy is a babe.  Although I have no idea what his name is in this movie.  But he died in ’94 at the ripe old age of 89.  So I guess it doesn’t matter.
  11. Stop hitting on the maid in front of your wife, creep.
  12. “Oh, hey, thanks for letting me leave the house for once in my life.  I guess I’ll make out with you now as a thank you.”  The feminist in me is dying a little bit.
  13. Angela Lansbury’s a ho-bag!
  14. I want Jedidiah to rescue her from her crazy husband.
  15. Holy gorgeous dress, Ingrid Berman!
  16. Jedidiah, what are you waiting for?!
  17. Well, obviously your husband is a d-bag and is messing with your head.  You didn’t really need Jedidiah to point that one out for you.
  18. How long has this guy been searching the attic?
  19. Save the day, Jedidiah!  Ok, I’m pretty sure his name is Brian in this…Save the day, Brian!
  20. Yes!  Turn it around on him, Paula!  Do it!  The man made you think you were crazy!  He deserves way worse than being tied to a chair.

That was very good.  A little nuts, but good.  And I’m glad Bloodthirsy Bessie got the last word.  She stole the show.



August 1, 2010

“We can sing the Money song from Cabaret.  You be Liza, I’ll be Joel.” – 1.18

I’m kind of excited for this.  I do love musicals.  I saw Cabaret when my college did it, but I’ve never seen the movie.  And the last time I saw Liza Minnelli was in Sex and the City 2, so I’m hoping this will redeem her a little bit.

  1. Wow…Joel was in House M.D.  He played the doctor who just wanted to die.  He’s really old now.
  2. Please, I could be one of those dancers.  They’re not very pretty and not very good dancers.  Oh…never mind.  I’m not that flexible.
  3. Sally Bowles might be one of the worst names for a character.
  4. Interesting…they referenced a movie that Asher Fleming was in…Gilmore Girls, you worlds are colliding…
  5. I think even then, Liza looked weird.  I’d like to think she was just born looking weird, but she probably paid a doctor a whole lot of money to look that weird.
  6. I just don’t understand mud wrestling.  It’s not like you’re watching hot chicks get naked or something.  You’re watching semi attractive girls become even more unattractive as they roll around and throw mud at each other.
  7. She actually just said “Doesn’t my body drive you wild with desire?”
  8. It’s probably not a good sign that right after you kiss a woman, she kisses her dog.
  9. I love Maybe This Time.  What a great song.
  10. There’s a fine line between “pouncing” and rape…thankfully it sounds like Fritz came just shy of rape.
  11. That’s awkward…who walks in on a girl while she’s in bed with her boyfriend and brings her champagne…
  12. Why would you take a man’s girlfriend out all day, buy her all this expensive stuff, and then bring him a gift at the end of the day?  Like…”Thanks for letting me use your woman for the day, here’s a token for your graciousness.”
  13. Michael York is 10 million times more attractive than that stupid Maximilian guy.  For real.
  14. No judgement against Sally.  Sometimes when you’re really broke, the idea of having some ridiculously rich guy take care of you doesn’t seem so crazy…  But if he has that creepy stalker ‘stache like Maximilian, I might pass.
  15. I wonder how actors feel when they play nazis.  Like if they feel dirty putting on the costume.  Then again, actors who play serial killers win awards…
  16. Oh my god!  They killed her dog?!  How come 90% of the movies I’ve watched for this have had a dead animal?
  17. Hey, I know some people who are in the International Conspiracy of Organized Horses’ Asses.
  18. I am going to be singing that “Welkommen, bienvenue, welcome” song ALL day.
  19. If babies solved all the problems, there’d be an even worse population problem than there is.
  20. I think Joel should have a Cabaret spin off.  There’s potential there.

Good story.  Like most time period movies, it makes me sad that I was never good at history and therefore never bothered to learn anything about it when I was in school.  Maybe one of these days I’ll teach myself.