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Citizen Kane

May 23, 2010

“I screwed up their big Citizen Kane plans, that’s all.” – 1.15

I’ve seen this one a few times now.  This is one of the few movies when other people say it’s one of the greatest movies ever, I can actually agree with them.  It’s definitely a good movie.  Plus as a fan of Newsies, I love that it is rumored to be based on the life of William Randolph Hearst.  It just makes me want to sing “And The World will know, and The Journal too, Mr. Hearst and Pulitzer have we got news for you…”  Yes.  I knew those lyrics off the top of my head.
Now some things to mention:
  1. A wedding at the town hall in Trenton, New Jersey?  Nothing sounds more depressing.
  2. When I get rich, after I pay off all my student loans and do some traveling, I’m going to buy a big piece of land and give it some crazy name like Xanadu or Neverland Ranch and not let anyone come except for my friends.  It’s going to have a rollercoaster and a pool and monkeys and maybe my own McDonald’s.
  3. What a crappy job to just find out what a man’s dying words meant.  Most dying people don’t make much sense towards the end.  When I die, I’m going to say something crazy that doesn’t make any sense, and let people go nuts.
  4. Aw, I miss snow.
  5. Young Kane is attractive.  Old Kane, not so much.
  6. Poor Mr. Carter.  Newspapers aren’t respectable now, and they probably weren’t back then either.
  7. Old age is the only disease you don’t look forward to being cured of…I don’t know about that.  I wouldn’t mind being a crazy old lady.  Old people can say whatever they want, no matter how inappropriate, but no one cares because they’re old.  I look forward to those days.  Although, I guess the cure is death.  I’m not totally looking forward to that.
  8. Maybe I’ll find a wealthy husband by laughing at him for having mud splashed all over him…
  9. Damn straight, his 1st wife is awesome for confronting her husband’s mistress.  Even if it was all orchestrated by his political competition.
  10. He wrote a bad review of his wife’s performance in order to seem like an honest man?  Or a jerk face man…
  11. Being an opera singer looks very stressful.
  12. Oh my gosh, Susan has the most irritating voice in the history of voices.  Not singing.  Just talking.
  13. That is NOT a picnic.  That’s like a luau at a fancy Hawaiian resort.
  14. I know this movie is from the 40’s, but Kane’s old man makeup is pretty awful.
  15. And now no one will ever know what Rosebud means.  Except for the millions of people that have seen the movie.

I love this movie.  It’s always interesting to watch the destruction of a man’s life at his own hands.  It’s like a mystery, but it doesn’t really get solved.  At least not in a very satisfying way, and really only for the viewer, not for the characters.  It’s just interesting.


A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving

May 23, 2010
Rory:  How do you feel?
Lorelai:  I ate tofurkey, how do you think I feel?
Rory:  Tofurkier?
I decided that I’m gonna break up the movie blogs because, really some of these movies need a break.  I’ve decided to start watching and writing about my very favorite episodes of Gilmore Girls.  Maybe that’s crazy, but you’re the one reading.
My favorite episode, at least right now, is a Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving.  I love all the eating and the classic Mrs. Kim lines and drunk Sookie…I just love it all.
Things to mention:
  1. I can’t wait to watch Grey Gardens.
  2. I hop between Michel and Babette as my favorite Stars Hollow characters.  Michel steps it up with “Oh this can only be good.”
  3. I should’ve named my cat Kirk.
  4. Those 3-D chips are in Luke’s.  Remember those?  What happened to the public’s desire to eat 3 dimensional chips?  As opposed to all the 2 dimensional chips.
  5. Ugh.  I really don’t like Jess.
  6. I actually used that “Hey I’m Frank at the Sands” line once to my sister.  But she doesn’t watch Gilmore Girls, so she just thought I was crazy.
  7. “Here’s hoping your cat exposes itself to you soon.”
  8. Really.  How does one break up with Dean for Jess?  Really?  He’s so good looking and sweet and tall, and he’d never crash her car.  Crazy Rory.
  9. Aw, I miss Dave Rigalski.  Stupid OC.
  10. I just like hearing Mrs. Kim say “tofurkey.”
  11. I would totally eat a deep fried turkey.
  12. My cats are definitely afraid of water.  Cat Kirk is crazy.
  13. I shouldn’t have watched this episode on an empty stomach.
  14. You know why it was a lame-o kiss?  Because Jess was a bad choice.
  15. I used to want to be one of the piano players at Nordstrom’s.  I used to sit and watch them while my mom shopped.  I could’ve been Brad.
  16. I totally didn’t stress myself out over college.  I applied to one school early, got in, and was done.  November 1st of my senior year, done.
  17. Classy touch, Dave.  “This bible belongs to God, but is being used by Dave Rigalski.”  Very classy.
  18. I want to get drunk with Sookie.
  19. Ooh, I love angry Dean.
  20. Poor Kirk.
Awesome episode.  One of the best.  “Lots of tofurkey!”

2001: A Space Odyssey

May 23, 2010

“Holy mother, this is the monolith from 2001!” – 1.15

So, my brother-in-law told me that this movie makes you feel a little bit like you’re on drugs.  We shall see, Jarrod, we shall see.
Now some things to mention:

  1. Really?  Random noises last for how long in the beginning of this movie?  I want to fast forward it, but like Lorelai says, it ruins the flow of the movie.  Though, I don’t think fast forwarding this is anywhere on par with fast forwarding through Casablanca.
  2. How can it be the Dawn of Man if there are already human bones on the ground?  Some men are already dead, that’s not dawning.
  3. I’m losing interest in all the monkeys.
  4. I don’t feel like I’m on drugs, but I feel like maybe I should be.
  5. Aw, my parents used to call me squirt when I was little.
  6. Those hats on those flight attendants…wow.  I’d like to think there was better fashion in 2001.
  7. There’s a lot of rules for the No Gravity Toilet.  I feel like that would convince me to just hold it until we got to our destination.  Plus, you should always go before you leave the house.
  8. There’s a great lack of dialogue in this movie.
  9. I really don’t have any idea what’s going on in this movie.
  10. Oh man.  Trusting a computer that much is never a good sign.
  11. I don’t care how much they paid me, I would never agree to live in space during my birthday.
  12. Oh yeah, that robot is gonna kill someone.
  13. You want to know why there hasn’t been any computer error with the 9000 series?  Because the computers KILL people!
  14. Intermission?!
  15. When I was little, I had this crazy fear about being shot off into space and not really falling, but not landing anywhere, just floating in space forever until I ran out of air and died.  This movie is reviving that fear.
  16. Yeah Dave, kill that robot.
  17. So he just keeps seeing himself get older and older?  What?
  18. And now he’s a fetus…
  19. THAT’S IT?!?!?!?!?!
  20. WHAT IS THIS MOVIE?!?!?!?!?!?!?
So, I just pulled out a book I own called 501 Must See Movies, because I knew this one was in there and couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out why it was on that list.  Thankfully, while it did praise the movie, it also said “Although the film can initially seem frustratingly ambiguous, repeated viewings do start to reveal the vernacular of its message…”  While I have NO intention of sitting through this time waster ever again, I’m glad to know it’s not just me.  Needless to say, not one of my favorites.


A Streetcar Named Desire

May 6, 2010

Rory:  He’s not my boyfriend.

Lane:  Really?

Rory:  No.

Lane:  What is he then?

Rory:  He’s my…gentleman caller.

Lane:  Ok, Blanche.  – 1.09

Totally blind going into this one, but also very excited.  All I knew what that it was based on a Tennessee Williams play, and I loved the Glass Menagerie, so I figured it had to be good.

  1. Wow, the streetcar really is named Desire.  Honestly, I’m shocked.  I thought it was a metaphor.
  2. Heck yes, New Orleans.
  3. I think Blanche is a little crazy.  And just a touch over dramatic
  4. Brother-in-laws, man.  Always picking on the sisters of their wives.  (Totally kidding.  My brother-in-law is freaking awesome.)
  5. You should probably be mad at your husband every time he smacks you, not just when it’s in front of people.
  6. “Sick people have such sincere attachments.”  That just happened.
  7. Holy crap, that’s a lot of fuss for wanting someone to turn off the radio.
  8. The famous “STEEEELLLLLLAAA!!!” scene was not nearly as exciting as I thought it would be.
  9. How did these two women come out of the same family?
  10. Why can’t this woman light her own freaking cigarette?
  11. That boy is like 10 years younger than you, Blanche.  Keep it in your pants.
  12. I have never seen a grown man so excited about his height and weight.
  13. She got fired for seducing a student?!  Not surprised…
  14. Mmmm…I love a man who has a sense of humor  while he’s being unnecessarily violent.
  15. Why would you voluntarily shake up a beer before opening it and squirt it on yourself?
  16. No man just wants you for your “companionship”, sweetheart.
  17. Woah.  The scariest scene:  “Deliberate cruelty is not forgiveable!”  Her eyes are freaking scary.
  18. Ew.  Twisting the broken end of a bottle in someone’s face sounds gross.  I don’t think a Southern belle would really do that.
  19. Did Stanley bash Blanche’s head so hard he made me more crazy?
  20. Oh wow, she’s nuts.  Way to go, Stanley.  She was already crazy, dude.  You just made it worse.

So, I will admit that I lost some interest in this movie.  I think I would really enjoy reading the play, but watching the movie takes a lot of focus, and in case you haven’t noticed by my random thoughts, I’m a bit scattered when I watch movies.  I liked the story though, I just got lost a little because I wasn’t fully paying attention.  And I did learn that Marlon Brando was quite the attractive man, even if his character was a terrible human being.


King Kong (1976)

May 3, 2010

Rory, Dean, Lane, and Todd watch this on their double date. – 1.12

Let me start off by saying, I was not all that excited about watching this.  I LOVE the newest version of King Kong because of my major crush on Adrien Brody, and also my love for Colin Hanks.  I was concerned about this living up to my standards for King Kong.  However, I’m willing to give it a shot.  But seriously…Adrien Brody just makes movies better.

Now some things to mention:

  1. Who goes to that much trouble to sneak on a boat?
  2. When the movie was made in the 2000’s, they made the time period be in the 30’s.  In my opinion, if you live in the 70’s, you should make your movie’s time period be anything but the 70’s.  The outfits alone…
  3. Jeff Bridges reminds me of Lane’s husband Zach.  At least in this role.
  4. Dwan?  What kind of name is that?
  5. You don’t run ahead of people by yourself on an island no one has ever been on.  Stupid Dwan.
  6. 6 native girls for Dwan?  Sounds like a fair trade to me!  I bet their names aren’t as stupid.
  7. All the fog…it kind of reminds me of Louisiana in the morning.  Wonder if it feels as humid there.
  8. Oh, and as if we didn’t need another reason to hate Dwan…she’s into zodiac signs and horoscopes.  Naomi Watts was way better.
  9. Wow…those natives are so quiet.  Like freaking ninjas.
  10. I think this movie would be 10 times better if instead of King Kong showing up…it was Donkey Kong.  I would totally watch that movie.  Where’s a good screen writer when you need one?
  11. I don’t really get what the big deal is.  It’s not like some new animal.  It’s just a really big monkey.
  12. Jack Black was way more entertaining than this oil loser.
  13. Ew.  I don’t want some giant monkey blowing on me to dry me off.
  14. I’m starting to think that awful scene with the giant bugs in the new King Kong, came from this movie.  I foresee a giant bug scene…
  15. Sweet, no giant bugs.  Just dudes falling to their death.
  16. Holy crap, that’s a giant snake.  Thank God my sister isn’t watching this.
  17. Hey, he killed the snake in the same way he killed the T Rex in the new one.  By opening his mouth until it snapped.  Gross then…gross now.
  18. Really?  No one died while trying to capture him?  Lame.
  19. I really wish Jessica Lange would stop fainting whenever something happens.  She’s giving women a bad name.
  20. I kind of love Jack Prescott.  He can do a hell of a lot better than stupid Dwan.

So, it wasn’t terrible.  It also didn’t feel nearly as long as the new version.  Or as gross.  And Jeff Bridges was a nice stand in for Adrien Brody.  But Jessica Lange was a moron.  And Kong wasn’t scary at all.  I could see it being a good date movie for a couple of 16 year olds, but certainly not an excellent movie.