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The Omen

March 28, 2010

“This was a vicious hamster.  This was like a Damien hamster with little beady eyes and a big forked tail and…a cape…with a hood…” – 1.11

This is one I’ve seen a few times now.  My roommates and I watched it once in college, expecting it to be scary, but it’s 70’s horror.  70’s horror is not so scary.  There’s an episode of That 70’s Show where they go to the drive-in to see it (Donna and Eric’s first date), judging by their reactions, you’d think it was the scariest thing in the world.  But it’s not really.  Now, the most recent version with Julia Stiles, that one I thought was pretty scary.
I do like this movie though.  I think the story is really interesting.  If nothing else, this movie teaches you to NEVER lie to your wife about your baby dying and replacing it with a different baby.
Now for some things to mention:
  1. Gregory Peck is significantly older than Lee Remick.  I don’t think they would ever be married in real life.
  2. I always used to think about that scene when the nanny hangs herself after screaming “It’s all for you!” when I was a nanny.  Sometimes kids just do that to you.
  3. I know Damien is the spawn of Satan, but you kinda feel bad for the kid.  He didn’t ask for it.
  4. Sometimes kids don’t want to go to church, that’s all.  Totally normal for him to give his mom a black eye so he doesn’t have to go into a church.
  5. Maybe if they didn’t dress that boy in such horrible clothes, he wouldn’t be so evil.
  6. Out of all the scary stuff in this movie, baboons attacking the car is high on the list.
  7. If a priest seeks you out to tell you your son is evil and dangerous…listen to him.  Especially if the priest dies after he tells you.
  8. Dude, that priest had plenty of time to move to avoid being impaled.
  9. Why is it automatically assumed that there’s something wrong with Kathy just because she’s annoyed by her son making obnoxious machine gun sounds?  Seems normal to me…
  10. Uh oh, there’s that creepy tricycle…
  11. They’ve got tons of servants and yet NO ONE was around when she fell.
  12. I love the doctor’s way of telling Robert that his wife lost the baby.  Robert – “But she’s pregnant!”  Doctor – “No.”
  13. I like how because the police thought the priest was crazy, they would let someone rummage around his house.  Crazy people don’t get rights.
  14. I wonder what the historical context of 666 is.  Where did it come from?  Is it in the bible?  (10 bucks says my sister comments on this.)
  15. This is why medical records should be on computers.  So you can find the birth records for the spawn of Satan.

All in all, I like this movie.  Definitely worth seeing.



March 24, 2010

Max:  I look like a Norman to you?

Rory:  I’m sorry.  Psycho was on earlier and it was just the first name that came to mind. -1.11

You guessed it.  I was totally scared to watch this movie.  But, I’ve seen a few Hitchcock movies and haven’t been too scared, so I was hopeful this wouldn’t be too bad.  Plus, I had the day off from work, so I could handle this the way I’ve handled most scary movies on this blog and watched it as soon as I got up, so I could forget about it by the time I went to bed.  Even better, I put it in my computer and watched it from bed while eating my breakfast.  I tell ya, sometimes there’s nothing better than living alone.

Now some things to mention:
  1. Way to act inconspicuous with the cop, Marion.
  2. Is Marion the psycho?  Cause I’m starting to feel that way.
  3. I know driving in heavy rain, I live in Louisiana.  And I can tell you, that it is never so hard to see that you just HAVE to stop at a creeptastic motel.
  4. I know Norman’s gonna be the psycho (I think…) but is it bad that I think he’s cute?  He’s got that cute, young, tall, gangly thing going on.  And if you know anything about me, that’s kinda my style.  My celebrity crush is Adrian Brody.  Need I say more?
  5. Red Flag:  A guy tells you he likes to stuff things…
  6. Red Flag #2:  A boy’s best friend is his mother…
  7. That was the big scary shower scene?  Come on, guys…
  8. She can’t be dead yet, there’s a whole hour left of this movie!
  9. Ok, apparently she dies less than halfway through…
  10. I think I definitely could’ve watched this at night and been just fine.
  11. I’m pretty sure I know where this movie is going.
  12. I totally knew where it was going.  And also, Mrs. Bates is pretty scary looking.

Good movie, I can see how it might have been scary for people in theatres back then, but didn’t really scare me.  In fact, I’m so un-scared that I’m going to go take a shower now.


The Wizard of Oz

March 21, 2010

“Where’s the scarecrow when you need him?” – 1.10

Ok, the Wizard of Oz is quite a hard one for me.  I couldn’t watch this movie when I was a kid.  I seriously didn’t actually sit down and watch it until college.  I was so scared of it.  However, I did watch it in high school synced up with Dark Side of the Moon (a Physics teacher thought it would be a good way to kill class time).   But, I have become a huge fan of Gregory Maguire and Wicked, so I was a little excited to watch it for the first time since reading that.  So, I dove in with an adult beverage in hand.  (Yes, I understand it’s a kid’s movie, but I don’t think you understand how scared I was as a kid.)  I’m starting to think maybe I should rename this blog “Movies Courtney is Scared Of.”

Now some things to mention:

  1. For some reason my tv is stuck on captions.  It’s kind of ruining this experience.  And I’m not stupid.  I’ve tried everything to get them off.  They won’t come off.
  2. I forgot how long the black and white part is…
  3. I wonder who owned Toto after the movie was done filming.  He seems like he’d be a good pet.
  4. I never used to live somewhere where they had extreme weather like tornados, hurricanes, etc.  And then I moved to Louisiana…
  5. Ok, I’ll admit, the captions are kind of helpful when the munchkins sing.
  6. The more I watch this, the more Gilmore Girls references I’m finding…The Lullabye League, horse of a different color, the Wash and Brush Up Co….
  7. The guys in Oz kinda look like they should live in Whoville.
  8. Seriously, who doesn’t love that Lion?
  9. This movie’s from the 30’s, not the 80’s.  What is up with Glinda’s sleeves?
  10. Ok, yeah, nice ending…but Miss Gulch still has that warrant to take Toto…so what happened to that?

The Miracle Worker

March 20, 2010

“Things are still very Miracle Worker at my house.”  -1.10

Remember when I had that huge slew of movies that I was excited to watch?  Well, that’s over.  Frankly, I had no desire to watch this movie (again…).  I’m also not really looking forward to my next one (The Wizard of Oz, which we will get into later.).  But, I do it for the blog.  And so, like I watched it in my Child Development class in high school, I watched Helen Keller’s story again.

Now some things to mention:

  1. Golly, with the insane reaction to Katie’s reaction to her daughter being deaf and blind.  Yeah, it’s horrible, but do you have to scream like the world ended?  Good Lord.
  2. James Keller is really obnoxious…but also kinda cute.
  3. Man, there were definitely days as a nanny when I wished I could yell at parents like that for making their kids spoiled brats.  And there wasn’t even anything wrong with their kids.
  4. Is it bad to cheer for Annie Sullivan when she throws the water in Helen’s face while trying to teach her table manners?  The kid pinched her, kicked her, slapped her, threw things at her, and spit food in her face.  Totally ok to throw water at her.
  5. I can’t believe phrases like “asylums for mental defectives” actually existed.
  6. Jimmy and Annie should totally date.  I’m writing a sequel.  The Miracle Worker Gets Some.

Unfortunately for the purpose of this entry, there’s not much to say about The Miracle Worker.  So, I leave you with this…be thankful you can see and hear.


Happy Birthday to me!

March 16, 2010

Today is my 24th birthday!

I am a huge birthday celebrator.  I LOVE my birthday and tell everyone about it for weeks leading up to it!

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Happy Courtney’s Birthday!


Double Indemnity

March 14, 2010

Lorelai:  You know mom, you have kind of a Barbara Stanwycky voice.

Emily:  Oh, I do not.

Lorelai:  I mean it,  You could have gotten Fred MacMurray to off dad if you really wanted to.  –1.09

This is another one I’ve seen before and loved.  There’s just something about these old movies.  I don’t really know where my fascination for the classics came from, but I’m the weirdo that could be fascinated by the movies on TCM or AMC all day.  This is definitely a movie that falls under that category.  Don’t get me wrong, I love how amazing movies look now.  I saw the Dark Knight on IMAX and totally appreciated it.  But you can’t mess with the classics.
And who doesn’t love a story about a woman seducing a man into killing her husband?  It’s just so good.
Now some things to mention:
  1. Fred MacMurray is an attractive man, in that unassuming, nice guy kind of way.

  2. Emily Gilmore does have a Barbara Stanwyck-y kind of voice.

  3. I wish boys today were as witty as they were back then.  Though, this guy had his wit written out.  They probably were just the same as they are now in real life back then.

  4. How do people light matches with one hand?  It’s like he snapped his fingers with his match in his hand and suddenly it was lit.

  5. I wish that when I didn’t feel like going back to work I could just go to a bowling alley and “roll a few lines.”

  6. I really don’t like Barbara’s hair.

  7. I love how people say things like “When are you going to settle down and get married?”  Like it’s that simple for anyone, guy or girl.  “Ok, time to settle down.  Oh look, here’s someone to marry.  Done.”

  8. With how cautious they are being about everything, isn’t it a bad idea to honk the horn three times before killing her husband?  Stupid.

  9. Of course.  Her husband just fell off the train.  That kind of thing happens all the time.

  10. She shoots him…then she tells him to hold her close.  Damn right he’s gonna shoot you.  Stupid woman.

I really like this movie.  It’s a good representation of the classics.  Fast talking, intricate love triangles, murder, deceit…just good times.


The House On Haunted Hill

March 8, 2010
Max and Lorelai watch this on their date. – 1.8
As you all know from my previous scary movie posts, I don’t do scary movies very well.  I rented this movie once before and was all set to be scared.  When it comes to old movies, I’m usually pretty brave about watching the scary ones because they’re usually so cheesy that they aren’t really scary.  But I still get scared, so I was ready for it.  Turned off the lights, got all cozy on the couch…and was totally disappointed.  It’s short, and not that scary.  But, if you like to see cheesy old movies that you can kind of laugh at, it’s a good one.  It’s pretty funny.
Now some things to mention:
  1. While not very much about this movie scares me, the screaming in the intro does make me jump a bit.
  2. I don’t believe in ghosts at all, but if a millionaire offered to pay me $10,000 to stay overnight in a creepy haunted house, I probably wouldn’t do it.  Because rich people are nuts.
  3. I’m a feminist, I consider myself a pretty independent woman, but there’s something about those old male movie stars that have their hair perfectly done who are always saving the pretty, petite women.  I can save myself, but it’s nice to know there were men that existed in the past who would handle the saving.
  4. Taking a shot every time someone says “hysteria” during this movie would make one very drunk.
  5. That head didn’t even look real.
  6. Poor Nora.  Men are always trying to tell us we’re hysterical and crazy…
  7. Haven’t we all at one point or another in our lives wanted to say “I’m going to my room, and if anybody comes in, I’ll shoot him.”
  8. Wouldn’t you move if you saw a rope tying itself around your feet?
  9. That skeleton moves awfully slow.  You could just avoid it until daylight and then leave.  Seriously, outrun the skeleton.
  10. “It’s a pity you didn’t know when you started your game of murder…that I was playing too.”  Dumbest line ever.

Honestly, it’s a lame movie.  Not a bad movie.  Just really unscary.