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The Outsiders

February 27, 2010

Rory:  Have you ever seen the Outsiders?

Dean:  Yeah.

Rory:  Just call me Pony Boy. – 1.09

I’ve never seen the Outsiders.  I’ve heard of it, but not much about it except that there are a lot of big name actors in it.  But I’ve always been curious about it because of this reference.  And I mean really, who doesn’t love Emilio Estevez?  EMILIO!

Now some things to mention:

  1. I love Stevie Wonder more than most people my age, but the opening music is LAME.
  2. I love how in movies when two guys are fighting and one of them pulls out a knife, everyone circles around and the knife holder kinda dances.  Very West Side Story.
  3. Aw, Patrick Swayze…
  4. That knife killed a kid, but it can’t quickly cut through hair?
  5. How bad is it that the “Nothing gold can stay” scene reminded me of the New Found Glory album?
  6. I wish Rob Lowe and Patrick Swayze were my older brothers.
  7. It took a full 2 minutes for me to recognize Tom Cruise.
  8. I’m losing interest in this movie…
  9. “Let’s do it for Johnny, man!”
  10. You can see hints of Tom Cruise’s crazy even this early…
  11. This fight scene is like a war movie.

Maybe this is just a boy movie.  I couldn’t really get into it.  I was sad at the end, but the plot line was just weird.  Like it seemed out of order or something.  It did not meet my expectations, sadly.  But it was nice to see Patrick Swayze.


16 Candles

February 26, 2010
16 Candles
“…You’re basing all of your dance opinions on one midnight viewing of Sixteen Candles.”  1.09
I know 16 Candles is a classic, but to be totally honest, I have seen this movie so many times that I just didn’t think I could watch it AGAIN.  I know this next statement could be considered a mortal sin, but Molly Ringwald kind of bugs me.  I can handle her in Breakfast Club and Pretty In Pink because there’s other people who are pretty strong characters, but in this one it just feels like you’re watching a day in the life of a bratty 16-year-old girl.  Sorry to anyone that offends.
I really don’t hate this movie, I just don’t think it’s something you need to watch over and over.
Now some things to mention:
  1. Is it sad that I recognized the Happy Birthday song in the beginning as the song they play in the “Rory’s Birthday Parties” episode of Gilmore Girls?
  2. There’s no possible way someone would forget my birthday.  I’m the girl that reminds people continuously.  (19 DAYS!)
  3. I don’t know about other high schools, but in mine, we only showered after swimming, and even then, everyone wore a swim suit.  Which high school girl is comfortable enough to shower naked in a public locker room?
  4. I love the Joan and John Cusack cameo.
  5. Sam’s sister is like a stoner/Stepford wife.
  6. I had a Jake Ryan in high school.  He had no clue who I was except for the girl who said really stupid stuff to him when he addressed me in class.  So, he didn’t kiss me over my birthday cake.  Because he thought I was really stupid.  And I was.
  7. What happened to “Don’t have a cow!”?  I miss that phrase.
  8. I hate to say it, but that speech about Jake wanting to find a serious girlfriend that he can really love…no high school boy would say that.
  9. I love that Ted went home to pick up his head gear while driving the prom queen around in a Rolls.
  10. I like how Sam and Jake’s relationship is entirely based on her thinking he’s cute and him liking that she stared at him in class.  If only real life were like 16 Candles.  I’d have like 10 Jake Ryans.

Spreading the Word!

February 20, 2010

A word from my big sister about her fundraising efforts for the Breast Cancer 3 Day!  Please read it and help out, she has a huge amount of money to raise! (PS:  I will post another movie soon, I PROMISE!  Things are a little crazy in New Orleans since the Superbowl and Mardi Gras, so I’ve been very distracted, but I will get to it soon!):

Hotels Combined has created a special incentive program in which they donate to specific charities when their organization is mentioned. Here’s how they describe the process on their website:

We’ve built a great service now we want people to know about it… We thought; let’s donate to charity every time someone helps us spread the word. This way, we can then benefit from your word of mouth (or mouse in this case) whilst at the same time being able to donate what we normally would have had to spend on advertising!

The charities they typically donate to are Make a Wish, World Vision, and WWF. All fantastic charities, but not quite as good as my personal account for Susan G. Komen 3-day for the Cure. I told them that I’d be happy to work with them if they could make a concession and donate to Susan G. Komen 3-day for the Cure. Sure enough, they were able to make a special case for me!

The Details: For every person that blogs, tweets, or joins their fan page on facebook, $20, $10, or $5 will be donated to Susan G. Komen 3-day for the Cure. Take a couple minutes of your time to spread the word about Hotels Combined and help me reach my fundraising goal!

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To donate $35: Do all three!

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